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 My Pokemon Story Chapter 2-3

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PostSubject: My Pokemon Story Chapter 2-3   Mon Dec 20, 2010 10:31 pm

My Pokemon Story Chapter 2
When leaving Prof. Pine’s lab Maxwell heard yelling wait. When he turned it was Will carrying something Maxwell never saw before. When Will handed one to him Will said, “This is a pokedex Prof. Pine wants us to catch as many Pokemon as we see so he can learn more about them, and from now on were rivals.” Then Will ran away into the forest that lead to Silver Sail Town. Either though Pokemon weren’t his favorite thing he let out his Magby to follow him. On his way into a forest he saw different Pokemon like Pidgey and Sperrow. He wished that he could capture them but he had no pokeballs. Then Maxwell heard a scream from the middle of the forest then he ran there as fast as he could to see what happened. A person that had a Mudkip was being captured by people called Team Universe. Then two people appeared saying, “Prepare for sadness for when evil badness comes your way and the planets and space are floating away, Team Universe is there to stay!” Maxwell told his Magby to use scratch on them but Team Universe sent out Zubat and Whismur. The boy from Team Universe told his Whismur to use uproar which knocked Magby back then the Zubat from the girl used Leech Life and hurt Maxwell. Maxwell knew he had no chance but he had to do something but then a mysterious man and a Pokemon to fast to be scanned by the pokedex knocked away Team Universe. From that day forth Maxwell would love Pokemon from saving his life but, before Maxwell or the girl could thank them they were gone.
When Maxwell went to continue to the forest the girl thanked Maxwell for trying to help and help get her Mudkip back. As they walked to the end of the forest together the girl was called Amanda and she wanted to be a Pokemon master like Maxwell so they decided to travel together.

My Pokemon Chapter 3
When Amanda and Maxwell got to silver sail town they went to the pokemon center to heal Amanda’s Mudkip and Maxwell’s Magby. While wating for them to heal Amanda to Maxwell,“There is a pre gym here if you want to practice there because the first gym is in Glidale Town.” Mawell replied, “I only have one pokemon it won’t help at all I didn’t even catch any pokemon yet.” Then when they got there pokemon back Amanda challenged Maxwell to a battle. But before Maxwell could say something Amanda told him, “this is to help you train.” and then she ran outside. When Maxwell got outside Amanda was waiting for him on the field. At the same time Amanda and Maxwell threw out their pokemon. Maxwell chose Magby and Amanda chose Mudkip. (For battles I’ll type a different way.)
Amanda: Mudkip use Tackle
Magby was knocked back and now has 15/20hp.
Maxwell: Magby use smog
Mudkip got poisoned and took damage 12/18hp.
Amanda: Mudkip use water gun
Mudkip is hurt by posion 10/18hp
Magby rolls out of the way take not a lot of damage 12/20hp.
Maxwell: Magby use leer
Mudkip gets stunned and defense falls
Amanda: oh no Mudkip can’t move!
Mudkip is hurt by poison 8/18
Maxwell: Magby use Smog again!
A critical hit Mudkip, faints 0/18hp
Amanda: Take a good rest Mudkip, you did well.
“Wow what a good battle Maxwell even when your opponent has the type advantage said Amanda.” “I guess it beginner’s luck said Maxwell.” Amanda replied back “there is no beginner’s luck in pokemon it depends on the trainer’s skills and the pokemon and by that battle I think your Magby learned ember.” “That’s cool now we have an advantage over grass pokemon now.”Said Maxwell. “Were heading to Glidale Town when Mudkip gets healed it’s only a few miles on foot” said Amanda.
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My Pokemon Story Chapter 2-3
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